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The Leader’s Influence in Creating the Experience

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As a pastor or church leader, it is part of your role to cultivate a positive experience for the people at your church. The effort of creating a positive experience sounds pretty secular. Perhaps the word “experience” makes you think about attractional events and fun activities. While those things are not negative, creating the best experience for your church is largely spiritual. The experience you create should be intentionally tied to your God-given mission and vision. So, the question is: are you ready to create a winning church experience rather than a losing one?

In order to begin your efforts, it is important to distinguish between what is a positive church experience and what is a negative one. We devote a good amount of this video to ensuring that you understand the difference between good and bad church experiences. We believe that when you understand the difference, it will be easier to implement the strategies we suggest. Comprehending what makes a positive church experience will propel you in your future decisions regarding the church.

Next, we want to teach you about how to implement strategies in order to create the church experience that is not only desirable but is following God’s plan. The reality is, creating a great church experience is not something that you can do simply at will. This is something that is going to take great intentionality, but it is also something that you do not want to neglect.

How can you ensure that your church experience is a positive one? What are the ways that you can identify positive church experiences and negative ones? How can you implement certain strategies well so that you create a positive experience?

In this video:

We unpack the nuances of positive church experiences and explain how you can experience them at your church.

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