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Retraining Your Ministry Leaders

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If you’ve ever played an instrument, you know that learning a song can be a very tough process. Once you have learned a song, there is a sense of accomplishment that builds up inside of you that will ignite your ambition to become a better musician. If you are not careful, this newfound confidence in your musical ability can translate into a lack of urgency for regular practice. If this happens suddenly, you will find yourself struggling to play the songs that you were once confident in your ability to play. This concept directly applies to your ministry as you are training people up.

Since we are all human, sometimes it can be difficult to retain knowledge or training. With this in mind, it is important that you do not hold the leaders to an unrealistic expectation. In this case, that would mean expecting them to understand and retain the training that you originally gave them, without reinforcing it from time to time. If you think back to high school, did you ever pass a test by listening during one class period, while never going back to study at all? Odds are, your answer is no. You have to know how to retrain your leaders if you want the result of retention.

You have most likely been in a scenario in which you were trying to communicate something important but did not effectively get the message across. Sometimes there is no repercussion, but more often than not, this can lead to a negative occurrence in which you will have to learn from your mistake. By periodically retraining your leaders, you will be able to eliminate error based on a lack of communication.

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We will walk you through the reasons why retraining is key, as well as how you can utilize it to cast vision and improve your leadership.

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