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How to Identify Potential Leaders

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One common barrier when it comes to unleashing your leadership influence is actually finding people willing to serve and share in leadership. If you will watch this video with an intent to learn and practice the wise counsel contained within, God will help you identify new potential leaders. As you seek new leaders, you will learn the importance letting God show you who he wants to raise up in leadership.

The questions that you may be asking yourself pertaining to the identification of potential leaders is endless. What is the process that you should take in order to identify new leaders? Once you have realized who you could potentially raise up, how do you go about doing so? How many people should you be expected to invest into at a particular point in time? All of these questions can be answered simply by embracing the strategies that are outlined in this video.

As you seek to influence the people that you are attempting to raise up, there are some specific methods that you can use in order to develop them as leaders. Regardless of the size of your church, as well as the size of your church’s need for new leaders, it is vital that you embrace the specific tactics outlined in this video. If you do this, you will begin to see growth in your leadership, as well as growth in the people you are raising up.

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If you do not take a systematic, intentional approach in order to raise up potential leaders in your church, the repercussions will be very costly. The good news is, God has given you the influence to raise up new leaders even if you believe that you are not in a place to do so. In this video, you will learn six key thoughts on identifying potential leaders.

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