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We’ve designed Leaders.Church to help you develop in each of these areas.

  • Raising up leaders in your church and ministry icon



    What could God do through your ministry if you just had more leaders? That’s the tension churches face all time. You’ll master the development of a pipeline of leadership where you raise up better leaders and more of them.

  • Learn to multiply your time in preparing creative sermons icon



    Is your time squeezed with need to prepare for an unending cycle of creative, compelling messages? You’ll learn how to multiply your time to prepare for and deliver captivating sermons and still have margin for the unexpected.

  • Learn to think out of the box to build your church icon



    Does your church’s system work against getting out of the box and implementing change? Maybe you’ve seen it stifle the church’s growth. You’ll learn how to seize opportunities, innovate, achieve more and take risks to grow the church.

  • Task management and strategy for church leaders icon



    Do you have too much to do with not enough time to do it? When your task plate is full, the time to plan and strategize for the future easily gets put off. You’ll exponentially multiply your time with smarter and better planning.

  • Learn to make quick and deliberate decisions for your church icon



    Have you ever felt hesitant, been afraid of failure, or lacked confidence in the potential results of decisions? That’s one of the biggest challenges for pastors. You’ll move beyond the past and learn to make both quick and deliberate decisions to grow the church.

  • Learn how to inspire and motivate your congregation to get involved icon



    Have you ever felt frustrated by people who sit on the sidelines and don’t seem to want to get involved? While you can’t force involvement, you do have influence. You’ll learn to inspire people to capture vision and motivate them to take action.


Everything in your ministry rises and falls on your leadership.

Growing churches have leaders who constantly strive to get better, which means your church’s growth is directly affected by your leadership.

We know your time is stressed from every angle, and the first thing to get squeezed is time to invest in yourself. But when you stop growing as a leader, the lack of growth trickles down through the organization.

As the leader goes, so goes the staff. As the staff goes, so go the volunteers. And as the volunteers go, so goes the church. Everything in your ministry rises and falls on your leadership.

So when you grow, your church will grow.

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“A church’s growth is dependent on the growth and effectiveness of its leadership. If you feel stuck, Leaders.Church might be exactly what you need.”

John Lindell

John Lindell is the Lead Pastor of James River Church in Springfield, Missouri.


As a Leaders.Church member you’ll get instant, ON-DEMAND access to our entire library of 48 video series (with more than 282 unique videos). You can use these practical guides for personal growth, or tap into the plug ‘n play content for training your team. Here are just a few examples of the series you’re about to access…

Balancing Life and Ministry Cover
Clarifying Vision video series for pastors
Unleashing your Leadership Influence video series for pastors
Balancing Life and Ministry Cover
Managing Ministry in a Busy World
The Power of Clarity video series for pastors
5 Systems Every Church Needs video series for pastors
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“You’ve heard the saying, 'Everything rises and falls on leadership.' It’s true! The fact is systems and strategy can only take you so far. At Leaders.Church you’ll learn to maximize your effectiveness as a leader, and that will set the stage for growth at your church.”

Mark Batterson

Mark Batterson is a NY Times bestselling author and the Lead Pastor of National Community Church in Washington, D.C.

What comes with your membership?

  • On demand monthly video access for church leaders and pastors icon

    Monthly Video Series

    Monthly Video Series

    Get on-demand access to all videos inside Leaders.Church to invest in yourself and develop your team. New videos are added each month to help you lead your church to new growth. Watch them on your own or as a team, anytime and anywhere (just like Netflix!).

  • Discussion guides for each video inside icon

    Discussion Guides and PDFs

    Discussion Guides and PDFs

    Limited time to find and write training material hinders many churches from making a consistent investment in their leaders. But now you have training material at your fingertips! The print-ready discussion guides for each video inside Leaders.Church make leadership development easy.

  • members only facebook group icon

    Private Members-Only Facebook Group

    Private Members-Only Facebook Group

    You don’t have to walk the ministry journey alone. When faced with questions and decisions, having a community of other pastors is invaluable. This interactive, members-only group is the go-to place for insight and support from others blazing the trail with you.

  • Church documents library icon

    Plug ‘n Play Church Documents

    Plug ‘n Play Church Documents

    The Leaders.Church library of documents is the place to go when you need to develop something. Whether it’s training manuals, policies, or other sample documents, you’ll have access to everything. And if you want something that’s not listed, we’ll help you get it!

The Sky Is The Limit

A Leaders.Church membership connects you to some of the best ministry minds in the church world today. You’ll have immediate access to practical, hands-on resources that will make you a better pastor and leader.

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“At Leaders.Church you’ll find practical, hands on tools, that will help you grow as both a leader and an individual. I encourage you to take a look.”

Larry Osborne

Larry Osborne is the author of Sticky Church and the Lead Pastor of North Coast Church near San Diego, California.


Is Leaders.Church for me?

Whether you’re a lead or staff pastor, volunteer, or board member, if leading in ministry is a part of what you do, you’ll find benefit from Leaders.Church.

Is this a one-time fee or monthly fee?

This is a monthly, recurring membership fee. New, exclusive content is being added each month to help you become a better leader of ministry.

What is the length of commitment?

Good news! There is no commitment. You can stay part of Leaders.Church however long you choose.

How do I access the content?

Upon joining Leaders.Church, you will receive an email with username and password. All content is accessed through the private membership website, which can be accessed via desktop or mobile device.

Can I join without a Facebook account?

Absolutely! A Facebook profile is not required. However, our online community is operated through Facebook so you will need a personal profile to participate in the community. NOTE: A Facebook Page will not work. Only personal profiles can be a part of a group.

What will I receive as a member?

As a member, you have on-demand access to all video series inside Leaders.Church discussing various aspects of leading in ministry so that you and your team can be even more effective.

There are downloadable Discussion Guides that accompany the videos, which you can use for personal reflection and to train your staff and volunteers. It’s training material at your fingertips!

You also have access to various church documents & PDFs to save you time creating your own. Policies, training manuals, etc. And if we don’t have something you’re looking for, just ask us and we’ll get it!

Finally, you have the benefit of learning from and networking with other members who are blazing the trail with you!

What if I want to cancel?

We hope that you won’t want to cancel with the compelling new content you receive each month. However, we understand circumstances change and there may be a need for you to cancel. There are no contracts with Leaders.Church, so you can cancel anytime.

Can I access the content after I cancel?

Unfortunately, no. Your monthly membership provides you access to the content only while you are a member. However, you can access all of the content when you join us again.

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