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A Leader’s Influence Defined

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Every good leader understands the importance of influencing others. Obviously, your goal as a ministry leader is to influence others so that they may know Christ. Everyone understands what influence is at its most basic form, but what are the more intricate nuances of influence? The reality is influence is a multi-faceted, complex topic that is crucial for the church leader to comprehend. Here, we are diving into what influence means to the pastor and church leader.

Before a leader is able to implement a certain leadership tactic or practice, they must understand how it works. Much like a baseball pitcher cannot begin throwing a curveball until they know how to hold the ball, a pastor cannot foster positive influence unless they fully understand what influence is and how it works in the church. The topic of influence is very deep. It extends far beyond simply possessing it, instead, it involves an incredible amount of intentionality. How can a church leader be intentional with their influence? This video is going to teach you how.

Additionally, it is common for leaders to struggle to feel like they even have a solid amount of influence. Again, this struggle is solved, partially, by gaining a deeper understanding of what influence is and what it means for the church. How can a church leader or pastor obtain and maintain positive influence? What are the implications of negative influence in the church and how can you avoid it? What are the fundamentals of influence in the context of church leadership? This video answers all of these questions and more.

In this video:

We are unpacking the various nuances that make up the ins and outs of influence from the perspective of a church leader. In this video, you will learn how to obtain influence on a basic level, how to use your words effectively, and the fundamentals of influence for the church leader.

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