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Setting the Stage for Influence

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God has called you to a place of influence and He wants your influence to be spread through your entire ministry team and your church volunteers. The way you influence people in your position of ministry is vital to the health of your church, as well as the spiritual health of the congregation. God gave you influence in order to use it for his glory! In this session, we discuss how we set the stage for the growth of influence in your leadership.

The simple truth is, you can never turn your influence off. Every step or move you make is visible to the people around you. What are you currently doing to make sure that the influence that you have is uplifting others? While not everything you do in a day will significantly alter the influence you are having on others, you must know how to foster your influence so that the people around you will benefit from it.

Ephesians 4 exhorts us to develop others to share in ministry, some of which you could handle yourself, and some which will be improved by giving it to someone gifted with specific talents or abilities. You may understand how great your mission is, but would you have time to actually personally lead someone to Christ? Did you have time to do that last month? How long has it been? This video will lead you towards important action steps that you should be taking in order to foster your influence well.

In this video:

This video includes four key reasons as to why your influence is so important, as well as three action steps that you can take to utilize that influence. Your mission to reach your sphere of influence for Christ is great enough that everyone should share in the mission – It is all hands-on deck.

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