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Innovative Leadership Training

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When you think about the journey that you have experienced as you have grown in your leadership, you can probably pinpoint a few periods of time that you learned something vital to your current level of leadership. Unless you are a major exception to the rule, you did not go from zero leadership training, to understand all of the concepts that you do now. A common mistake made by many church leaders is that they expect too much initially from the people they are leading. When it comes to your leadership, it is important that you understand how to be effective in your leadership training.

Leading with innovative techniques will allow you to unlock new possibilities and expand your influence to new horizons. As you already know, your influence as a leader is a gift directly from God that you can use for the benefit of others, but with this gift comes great responsibility. If you are spending a minimal amount of time strategizing how you are going to foster your influence in a practical, effective manner, you are not leading to your full capacity. The specific tactics in this video will allow you to be innovative with your training and your influence.

After you solidify you approach to innovative leadership training, you will be able to start leading at a higher level. You will be in a place in which you can rely on the leaders that you have coached up. This will allow you to focus on vision casting and other areas of leadership in your church.

In this video:

We will propose four great ways for you to be innovative in your leadership training. You will be provided with concepts that will help you understand the condition of the leaders you are training. Utilization of the techniques mentioned in this video will take your leadership to new heights.

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