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Building a Culture of Unleashed Influence

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When a person walks steps into your church for the first time, do you feel like they experience a culture that is positive and supportive of God’s mission for the church? In this series, the importance of unleashing your influence has been emphasized by means of many different applications. Now it is time to tie it all together. The culture that you create in your church is directly linked to your influence and the influence you have unleashed through other leaders.

In terms of the culture that your church possesses, you must realize that development must take place over a substantial period of time. If you are in a position where you feel like your church is lacking culture, the answer is not to quickly think of a defining characteristic that could be described as your culture. Culture is created over time starting with the influence of the upper level leadership. Once the culture is set by leaders, it will begin to trickle down until it reaches every level. As a result, people will come into your church for the first time and experience a culture that you helped create.

The problem with creating culture is that many leaders do not know how to initiate it. A lot of pastors and leaders do not even fully understand what culture is. In order to fully understand how to build a culture of unleashed influence, there are some systematic steps that you can take that will get you on your way.

What is the culture of your church right now? How are you going to shape culture if you feel like you are lacking? What specific steps can you take to build culture based on your influence?

In this video:

You will learn four keys to utilize the influence that you have unleashed in your ministry in order to effectively build culture.

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