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The Leader’s Influence and Inspiration

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In the first episode of this series on the influence of a church leader, we discussed the fact that influence is a multi-faceted asset. One of these facets of influence is inspiration. Utilizing inspiration to advance the Kingdom is something that every pastor and church leader should be prioritizing. Inspiration allows you to encourage others to push forward into the things of Christ and follow His plan for their lives. Inspiration fosters a multitude of positive outcomes as you leverage your influence within your church. Here, we are looking at how inspiration works as you influence your church.

The first thing that inspiration does is it pushes people to become excited about being involved in something. When you look at inspiration from the standpoint of how it affects others, you see that it is highly effective. Inspiration changes the way that people look at tasks, the goals of the church, and the mission that it carries. When you want the people in your church to push forward in terms of where the church is headed, inspiration is key.

Next, effective inspiration shapes the way that people in your church view you. When you, as the leader, are able to inspire your people, your credibility and trustworthiness begins to escalate. The question is, what strategies can you use to inspire people with this goal in mind? What type of inspiration does it take to ensure that your people support your vision and efforts? More importantly, what does inspiration look like when your main goal is to push people to advance the Kingdom of God?

In this video:

We are unpacking the importance of inspiration when it comes to the influence you have at your church. How can you implement inspiration into your influence? What role does inspiration play in your church? These questions will be answered in this episode of the Unleashing Your Leadership Influence series.

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