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The Leader as an Example Who Builds Enthusiasm

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Ultimately, as a pastor or church leader, you want people to walk through the front doors of your church enthusiastic. Hopefully, your desire is for this enthusiasm to be rooted in an expectation for the Holy Spirit to move. The reality is, we live in a world filled with craziness and broken situations. People may not always be happy when they come to church. Furthermore, people may not always be enthusiastic about what the church is doing. With that being the case, we’ve devoted this video to teaching you how to cultivate enthusiasm and maintain it in your church.

One of the first things that we discuss in this video is that good leaders build enthusiasm and create anticipation for what God is going to do. Think back to the last sporting event you went to. Perhaps your favorite team was in the playoffs or one of your kids was playing. When a team you really care about is taking the field, something inside of you gets extremely enthusiastic. In fact, oftentimes we bring more enthusiasm to our hobbies than we do to church. Wouldn’t it be great if you, the pastor, could change that? The reality is you have immense power to spark enthusiasm. Will you use it?

From there, the obvious question arises: how can a pastor or church leader be intentional in their effort to create enthusiasm? This is a question that a lot of leaders ask over and over again but can’t seem to nail down an answer. This is why we’ve developed this video to help you generate enthusiasm within your church.

In this video:

You will find many helpful tips that will help you propel your church to the next level. These tips are all focused around creating and maintaining enthusiasm from the people in your church.

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