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The Importance of Measurement in Ministry

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When a certain methodology or practice is of value to your church, a key way to unleash your influence is to measure it. Measuring the best practices that are utilized within your church will allow you to create clear expectation and increase the level at which your leaders are hitting the target. The habit of measurement will prove to be effective when it comes to the growth of your church.

What are you doing in your church to enhance the level of clarity that people have in terms of what you expect? When it comes to your leadership, the goals that you set for people will dictate the level of performance that you will receive. The tricky part about this concept is figuring out how to create an environment in which those goals are clear and precise enough to follow. This is where the value of measurement comes in. When you are able to effectively measure the expectations that you have set that were attained, you will find that it is easier to create goals for the future. Understanding how to measure the performance of someone who is tasked with meeting goals and expectations, as well as how to respond to that measurement is vital.

One of the ways that you can measure the expectations that you have set is through the use of performance evaluations. The use of performance evaluations will expand your knowledge of what your expectations need to be and what expectations are being met. In this video, we will walk you through five thoughts pertaining to the effectiveness of measurement. You will learn how to shape your goals and measure the progress that has been achieved in terms of those goals.

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