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A Leader’s Influence and Transparency

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As a leader, transparency is key. This is known to be true in any form of leadership. People are always pleading for their governments to be transparent, they realize that relationships need transparency, and co-workers need to be transparent about certain issues. With that said, what does transparency have to do with church leadership? What role does it play when it comes to the influence of a pastor or church leader? Here, we are unpacking what it means to value transparency in ministry.

Transparency is important for a lot of reasons, but before understanding why it is so important for the church as a whole, it is crucial to understand how it affects other people. When a leader is transparent, the affect it has on the people they are leading is astronomical. Transparency ignites passion and purpose into the hearts of the people around you. How does transparency affect those around you? What are the ways that a leader can ensure that they are remaining transparent? Here, we answer those questions.

Additionally, transparency extends far beyond impacting the people around you. Transparency empowers and emboldens the church as a whole to push toward the mission. Once you’ve modelled transparency, it will cause transparency to be the standard for your church. How does transparency affect the church as a whole? What can transparency do to propel the church toward the mission and vision that God has?

Lastly, we want to discuss the importance of encouraging others to be transparent. When the church as a whole values transparency rather than just the pastor, the church will grow. How can you foster an atmosphere in which this is your reality?

In this video:

We are unpacking transparency from the standpoint of the church leader’s influence. Here, you will learn five key principles regarding transparency in ministry.

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