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Clarifying Ministry Vision

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The term “vision” is often regarded as just another churchy word. The concept of vision can easily be swept under the rug if it is not fully understood. Perhaps you have attended a leadership conference or seminar. Chances are, the word vision was said over and over again. To this point, we understand that “vision” must be important in the church, but how? The truth is that clarifying ministry vision is a highly important topic of discussion.

As a church leader, you understand that there is a constant cluster of voices to listen to. Your congregation provides feedback as to what they like and dislike. Your leadership team engages in helpful debriefing sessions after events and services. Most probably, your family engages you in discussion about the inner workings of your church leadership. With all of these voices spewing different opinions and preferences at you, it can be difficult to define anything other than the core beliefs of Christianity within the church. This is where vision is important.

The reality is, your church cannot function at its highest capacity, or even at a semi-effective level, without some form of vision. The vision of the church dictates so much that goes on. At this point you may be thinking, “what is vision and why should I care.”

We want to educate you as to what vision is at its core. We understand that the term “vision” can often seem foggy and vague. Our goal is to help you understand vision and how it should be applied within your church.

In this series:

We will break down what vision means and how it pertains to your church setting. We encourage you to use the eight videos and discussion guides that we have included. This will allow you to take your leadership to new heights as you seek to understand the importance of clarifying ministry vision, as well as how to implement it.

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