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Bonus 1: Clear and Compelling Ministry Vision

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Determining the “vision” of your church can be a somewhat intimidating task. A lot of people maintain the expectation that God will lay down your church vision before you in such a clear and tangible way. This isn’t always true, in fact, most people do not experience God’s voice directly when it comes to this subject.

Church vision can be as simple as determining why you wanted to start a church in the first place. What do you want to accomplish with your church and the leaders you have surrounded yourself with? Are you trying to impact your city? Are you trying to reach as many people as you can? Is there a specific group you delegating most of your attention to?

Whatever your vision is, you want to make sure it is something that you can communicate well to your congregation, as well as something that is attainable. If the people who walk through the door of the church do not understand the direction that your church is going, it will be very difficult to retain the same people at your church.

When you look at Abraham’s life, he understands that knowing God and having a relationship will make everything else fall into place. God has put a call on your life for a reason, just as he has built your church for a reason. Actively pursuing a relationship with God is crucial to the understanding what your church vision should be.

If your prayers about your church were answered right now, what would that look like for your church? Every good leader must learn to listen to what God is putting on their heart in terms of the direction in which your church should be going.

In this video you will learn how to effectively set up your message for the weekend so that it aligns with your vision, understand how the story of Abraham applies to learning your vision, and realize the importance of making sure your vision is clear and compelling.

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