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Who Contributes to Vision in Ministry

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Over the course of this first module on clarifying vision, we are identifying ways to obtain vision. The reality is, there will never be a vision for your church if there is nobody to cast it. Vision is casted by people and people alone. Vision will never just spring up out of nowhere! The people who are affiliated with your church, staff, volunteers, and members alike, are the driving force of vision. This is why in this video, we are unpacking who contributes to vision in ministry.

Before diving in, it is important to realize why you need to identify who specifically is contributing to vision. Understanding who is contributing to vision is incredibly important for your church. If you do not fully understand who is contributing to the vision, you automatically forfeit control over what that vision is. We are not advocating that you attempt to control your people by any means. However, you must be able to identify the main contributors to vision so that you can positively influence the vision that results.

After the realization hits that you are responsible for identifying who contributes to vision, it is time to act. This is where you, as a pastor, get to begin seeking out contributors to the vision. In order to do that, you will have to understand what types of people to look for. Who contributes to vision in ministry specifically? What are the key ways to identify these people? What specific groups should you be looking for? These are the types of questions that we hope to answer for you in this video.

In this video:

You will learn the seven contributors to vision in ministry. As we inform you on these seven groups or types of people, we will explain how each one impacts vision. Utilize this to take your vision to new heights!

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