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What To Do when the Church Lacks Vision

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As important as vision is, it can be very discouraging to be in a position in which you feel like your church is lacking it. When a church lacks vision, there are an endless amount of questions that begin to arise within the church’s leadership, as well as the congregation. Leaders will begin to wonder why they are missing the mark when it comes to ideas and practices. Congregants will start to pinpoint spots in which the church is not intentionally pursuing its mission.

Aiming to create culture, reach goals, and develop an environment in which God can move without any sort of vision is like trying to hit a bullseye with your eyes closed. This is why it is imperative that the clarification and definition of vision should be viewed as a vital aspect in your church. Just as much as vision can take your church to new heights, a lack of vision can cause a multitude of negative outcomes.

With that said, realizing that vision is a vital piece to the success of your church is only the first step. Beyond this realization comes the responsibility to define that vision. Knowing how to find your church vision can be extremely difficult. What do you do when you cannot seem to find your vision? Understanding how to look at the current situation of your church and seek wisdom from others is crucial when it comes to finding your vision.

In order to effectively create vision for your church, understanding certain practical strategies and techniques is crucial. In addition to this, comprehending how you can look towards your personal condition, as well as what God is speaking in your life, will allow your vision to be clear and precise. In this video, you will learn what can stifle vision, the specific dangers of lacking vision, and five ways that you can begin to understand how to find your church vision.

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