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How to Get Others to Be Advocates for the Church Vision

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So, you have a God-inspired vision for your church. You are passionate about this vision, and you would do anything to see it become a reality. You’ve obtained a substantial amount of buy-in from your congregation and your staff is fully on board. Where do you go from there? Is there anything left to do aside from effective implementation? The answer is yes. You must have people who are not only approving of the vision but championing it. You need people to advocate your vision to the people around them. Here, we are unpacking how you can gain advocates for vision in your church.

First off, why is gaining advocates for vision important? This is a reasonable question. You may be thinking, “if my church staff and congregation are on board, what else is there to gain?” It is true that you should be the one primarily communicating and championing the vision, but you can’t do it alone. When you begin to have people in your church who are passionate about the vision enough to share it, growth is right around the corner.

When you have people advocating for your vision, things change. You go from vision to reality. Your vision is now not only contingent upon your ability to communicate alone, but the collective effort of the church. If you really believe in the vision that God has given you, your goal is to spread it like wildfire.

How do you do this? What are the practical strategies to take in order to get others to be advocates for the vision? What will this do for your church and the ministry that God has in store?

In this video:

We are discussing the importance of having advocates for your vision in ministry, and how you can achieve it.

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