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Bonus 4: Q&A on Turning Ministry Vision into Reality

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It is very common in ministry to have a great vision that you want to turn into a reality, just to realize your idea is not going to work the way that you thought. That’s okay! Every leader is going to have ideas that tank. The important thing is knowing how to grow from mistakes that are made and understand that you will always have another opportunity help your church grow in terms of the vision.

Another intimidating thing for church leaders is when they struggle to effectively communicate the vision of their church to their staff or their congregation. It is important that you realize that if you struggle with this, you’re not alone. Sit down with your staff and talk about your goals and recent wins as a church and see if you can narrow it down to a vision. Just sharing your heart regarding how you feel about your ministry can reveal so much about what your vision should be. The vision of your church is most likely going to be formed through casual conversation about what is in your heart.

A compelling vision comes from clear and concise verbiage. You never want the motivation behind your vision to be the success of a service or an event, rather the motivation should be for the result of a successful event, which is reaching people for God. If your motivating people to make sure an event or service is successful, it is important to understand how to communicate why that event’s success is important to the vision of the church.

In this video, you will learn what to do when you have ideas that do not turn out to be successful, what to say to a pastor who is struggling to communicate vision, how to simplify your vision so it is easy to understand, understand the importance of compelling visions, and learn some ways to celebrate your successes with your team.

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