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How to Get People to Buy into the Church’s Vision

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A lot of times, the only thing keeping you from achieving your goals is yourself. In the world of baseball, an ace pitcher can become nervous, causing them to miss the strike zone. A basketball player can begin to miss more shots if their mental game is not on par. Likewise, a pastor can disqualify themselves mentally before they achieve a meaningful vision for their church. When you do not feel like a visionary leader, you are among the many pastors who struggle to feel adequate. This is not uncommon, and you are not alone, however we do not want you to stay there. What do you do when you do not feel like a visionary leader?

Part of understanding your personal role as a visionary leader is understanding your habits. Identifying healthy habits and negative ones in terms of your mental game is crucial. When you can overcome the idea that you are not a visionary leader, you open the door for fresh vision. With that said, you must recognize that the notion that you are not a visionary leader is simply a product of your self-talk and perspective. We believe that anyone can be a visionary leader with the right training and motive. So, what are these habits you should adopt to feel like a visionary leader?

Additionally, it is imperative for the pastor to understand that self-perception is crucial. Oftentimes the things other people say, outside influences, or personal experiences can shape how a pastor views themselves. When this is the case, the pastor often limits themselves to a certain personality trait or standard. The reality is you can be an effective visionary leader. You have what it takes. So, what are the strategies you should implement to positively influence how you view your leadership?

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We are unpacking what it looks like to be a visionary leader, and what you can do to feel like one.

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