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Modeling Vision Development for Ministry

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We all know that defining your vision is important, but how does this play out on a congregational level? What do you need to do in order to make your vision a contagious wildfire, rather than a personal goal? When the people of your church latch onto the vision and begin to share it, you’ve hit the mark. Developing vision is key, but developing it in such a way that your congregation champions it is next level. We want to walk you through the various nuances of developing vision with your congregation and leaders in mind.

Before understanding how to implement a vision with effective communication, you must keep the spiritual aspect in mind. Any great vision that your church could possess is a vision that has been inspired by the Lord. This is something that you must know for yourself, but also it must be made clear to the congregation. How can you ensure that your vision is from the Lord? What is the difference between cognitive thinking and spiritual wisdom in terms of your vision?

After giving your vision completely to the Lord, it is imperative that you can implement it effectively. You must realize that implementation of the vision cannot rest completely on your shoulders. You are responsible for getting the ball rolling, but then you need to make it contagious. What does this mean? Well, you need to cast vision in such a way that your leaders and congregation understand it. Furthermore, your goal should be for them to be able to communicate that vision to others. How can you make this a reality at your church? What are the skills and strategies that are prerequisites to experiencing this type of vision?

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We are unpacking the topic of developing vision for your congregation to follow. Not only will this vision impact your congregation, but they will begin to champion it.

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