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Communicating Vision Enough but Not Too Much

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Imagine you have the perfect vision for your church. This is a vision that aligns with your overall mission, incorporates best practices that take your church to a new level, and exudes excellence in an outstanding fashion. This is a key component to a healthy, thriving church, but you will not reap the benefits if you cannot effectively communicate this vision.

The simple fact is, no pastor has ever communicated too much. Communication is a fundamental aspect of a thriving church. On the other hand, a lack of communication undermines the quality and validity of your vision. If you have ever delivered a sermon from the pulpit, you know how much of an impact it can make on the people you are speaking to. Neglecting the importance of communicating your vision is just as productive as shredding the message you worked so hard to produce.

As you begin to understand the importance of communicating your vision, there are some practical concepts that you can embrace in order to do so. We will discuss the things that you should be emphasizing, how often you should emphasize them, and how to articulate them. Taking a strategic approach to the communication of your vision will prove to be highly beneficial to you and your church.

One example of a practical strategy that you can utilize is the use of cascading communication. Cascading communication involves sharing your vision with several different groups of people. This video will take you more in depth as to who you should be sharing your vision with and how it relates to successful communication.

In this video, you will learn how to communicate vision in a clear and compelling way. You will discover specific avenues that you can use for communication, as well as what to emphasize as you communicate your vision. By utilizing the practices discussed in this video, you will create a vision that can be championed by the people who surround you.

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