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Leading Ahead of the Church

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The power that you possess as a leader to impact the entirety of the church plays a vital role in how you establish your vision. Leading ahead when it comes to your church is key as you attempt to effectively incorporate everyone into your leadership. In simple terms, the way you reach everyone in your congregation with your leadership is by leading ahead.

What does it mean to lead ahead? As you think about this concept, it is important that you analyze it from the perspective of your quantitative growth as a church. The larger your church gets, the way that you go about leading ahead will start to shift. It is imperative that you understand how to allow this area of your leadership to shift in the correct way. This video will assist you as you grow so that your church does not grow past your reach as a leader.

As you strive to lead ahead, your main focus should be on people. What are you doing to spend intentional time with the members of your church? How invested are you into the lives of the members of your church? Where is there an opportunity for you to connect with people as you lead them?

A changing style of leadership based on a growing number of church members is key to a thriving church. You may be able to lead your church in an efficient way when you have three hundred members, but what will you do when you reach one thousand? What about when you reach two thousand?

In this video:

We will provide you with a general picture of what it looks like to lead ahead in any situation that your church may be in. Utilize the tips in this video to maximize your leadership ability and lead ahead of your church.

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