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Leading Ministry While Waiting for God’s Promise

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Nobody likes to wait. The displeasure associated with waiting for just about anything is a part of human nature. Although this is the case, in ministry, we must reject the narrative that insists waiting is negative. In fact, waiting is a vital part of ministry! You see, ministry is filled with constant change, curveballs, and unexpected events that require the pastor’s focus. With that said, leading ministry while waiting can be tough. This series is designed to help you as you wait for God’s promises.

In order to fully understand how a church leader should lead through a period of waiting, we can take a look at the experiences of David as he was hiding out in En Gedi. David’s experiences point towards helpful advice on diligence, obedience, sacrifice, and reward. What does a leader do between the time they are anointed, and the time they are appointed?

The reality is, God’s timing comes from his omniscient knowledge. As church leaders, we all believe that God has our situations under control. Although this is true, it can be tempting to become overwhelmed when you cannot directly see the purpose of God’s leading. Perhaps God has made a promise to you, but you have not seen it completed yet. Or maybe God’s promise to you seems vague and you’re not quite sure what to make of it.

We believe that leading ministry while waiting on God and trusting him is crucial to your church role. How can a pastor trust God for the future, and remain steadfast in the present? What are the spiritual and practical ways to lead in times of waiting?

In this series:

We unpack several key leadership attributes pertaining to leading ministry while waiting. This includes the importance of leading through change, leading yourself and your family, being a humble servant and leader, and being obedient to God. By the end of this series, you will learn the importance of each of these attributes, as well as how to embrace them.

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