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Obeying God’s Leading in Ministry

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In this final video in the Nomadic Leadership series, we are at the end of our journey with David from the time at which he was anointed to the time he was appointed as king. As we wrap up the series, there are some significant principles that we can pull from David’s life. Obedient leadership is a vital component of success. As you seek to embrace the calling that God has on your life, the fundamentals of obedient leadership will guide you well.

Since God has a great plan and a purpose for your life, it is your duty to fulfill that calling. One major issue is that our human nature gets in the way. We tend to get overly anxious to see God’s promises fulfilled in our lives, especially when it comes to our positions in ministry. With that said, we are hesitant to take the steps necessary to get there. David understood that in order to see God’s calling fulfilled in your life, you must be obedient.

Perhaps you understand the importance of obedience, and you have even tried to implement this leadership practice in your life, but you are unsure how to maintain it. What does obedient leadership specifically look like? What does it entail? How can you remain steadfast when the journey to fulfill your calling does not look like what you thought it would look like? These are the types of questions we hope to answer as we explain the importance of obedient leadership in relation to your life and your ministry.

Obedient leadership can be one of the trickiest components of successful leadership. With that said, it is important that you are able to identify the means necessary to maintain it. In this video, we will provide you with four key tips as to how you can position yourself for success. As you utilize these tips, your obedient leadership will grow, allowing you to move closer to the calling that God has on your life.

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