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How Leading the Church with Humility Increases Impact

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With our broken human nature, humility can be a very hard characteristic to possess and embrace. However, as leaders, it is imperative that we not only understand the importance of humility, but also learn to live by it. When pride creeps into the heart of a leader, there is a shift that inevitably occurs, turning thriving leadership into stagnant or damaging leadership. With that said, we have identified the problem, but what is the solution?

The solution is found when we embrace the humility that we can access through Jesus Christ. Leaders who understand this concept are the leaders who thrive as they pursue God’s calling for their lives, rather than their own ambitions. The tricky part is, how specifically do you access this type of humility for yourself? What does it look like to starve the pride in your life so that humility can take root in your heart?

Humility is a great thing to possess, but sometimes it is achieved in ways that are not so pleasant. Sometimes the way we encounter humility in our lives is when we stumble or fail. When this happens, we are forced to see how powerless we are before our mighty God. Regardless of the way that you may experience humility, whether it is through your struggles, your just your blatant realization that God’s plan is more important than your own, it is crucial that you know how to make the most of it.

In this video, we will unpack the story of when David had a rough encounter with humility. We will learn from his experiences in 1 Samuel 21 and how we can apply them to our lives and to our leadership. To sum it all up, we will provide you with three key points regarding the differences between pride and humility. We will also inform you as to how your leadership can improve when you embrace the concept of humility.

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