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The Ever-Changing Challenges of Ministry

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Do you ever find yourself in a position within your umbrella of leadership that causes you to constantly search for new solutions in an ever-changing climate? Have you ever been overwhelmed by the new challenges of ministry leadership? Change can be a difficult thing to embrace, but as hard as it is, it is equally inevitable. With this reality, it is important that we utilize the concept of nomadic leadership.

A nomad is a shepherd who is constantly leading his herd to greener pastures by his willingness to change. This model of leadership serves a purpose of great importance in any church setting. As the climate changes around you and your church, your leadership must adapt. Why is adapting to the change around you important in the church world? Why does this directly affect your leadership?

King David understood the concept of nomadic leadership to an excellent degree. The time that God anointed him to be king to the time that he actually became king was fifteen years. During this trying time in David’s life, he had to embrace the ever-changing climate so that he could eventually live as the King that God called him to be.

In this video, our goal is to provide you with the skills and insight necessary to embrace the new challenges of ministry leadership. What does this have to do with church ministry, specifically with your leadership? What does nomadic leadership look like? Why is it necessary? How do you lead like a nomad? This video will teach you how to implement nomadic leadership into your church setting.

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