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Modeling Servant Leadership in Ministry

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In a modernized culture that values self-gratification by any means necessary as the approach to sustaining a fulfilling life, it is imperative that your leadership revolves around serving other people. When you think about it, why are you in the position you are in right now? Is it because you are hoping to improve your social status, home life, or financial situation? If so, it is time for a reality check. God has placed you in a position of leadership according to his purpose for your life, but you must have a servant’s heart to sustain it.

As you strive to have a servant’s heart in every effort you put forth, life can get discouraging pretty fast. Perhaps you have been promised things that you have not seen yet. Maybe you are in a position in which you feel as if you cannot make any progress towards your goals. Whatever it may be, discouraging times are inevitable for a church leader. In times like these, it is crucial that you understand the role that your relationship with God plays in your leadership.

The truth is, before you can condition your heart to think like a servant leader, you must know how your relationship with God applies to this pursuit. How does it look to live a life that is so conducive to what God wants for you, that you naturally lean towards servant leadership? What simple steps can you take in order to embrace the importance of your relationship with God, allowing him to empower you to think like a servant leader? These are the questions that we hope to answer as you watch this video.

Aside from the process by which you can begin to think like a servant leader, what are the practical and spiritual benefits to this fundamental trait? When you open yourself up and allow yourself to embrace servant leadership, your leadership influence will thrive. In this video, we will provide you with five key thoughts regarding servant leadership.

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