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How to Increase Church Giving

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Churches represent a place of hope. Studying church history and culture will point you towards generosity that is unparalleled to any other organization. Why is this important? When you embrace this truth and apply it to the mission that your church is attempting to accomplish, you will begin to increase church giving. Each and every church is called to be generous. This applies to everyone from the leadership to the congregation.

It is one thing to understand the biblical importance of generosity and the role that it plays in your church, but how do you cultivate it? How can you increase generosity at your church in a world where people are all unequally resourced and come from different financial backgrounds? This is the topic that we will be unpacking within this series. Allowing you to increase church giving is our goal as we provide these practical resources for you.

As you increase church giving, you will begin to realize that you must then maintain it. There will be seasons in which the average financial condition of families within your area will fluctuate. So, in the times of financial struggles, how can you maintain the generous culture that allows your church to thrive? What are the strategies that will allow you to stimulate recurring giving? Furthermore, why is giving so important within your church setting?

In this series:

You will be equipped with a multitude of great tips and resources that will ultimately allow you to cultivate a culture of generosity in your church. Beyond this, you will be able to continually maintain this culture regardless of the circumstances that surround you. We believe that generosity is a key principle that your church should embrace biblically and practically. Generosity is key, and we want to help you embrace it!

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