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The Giving Talk in Church Announcements

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If you are a sports fan who watches sports news reports, or even if you watch a local news program for hard news, you have probably seen the sports segment of the newscast. There is so much publicity for the team, and it is all absolutely free. In the business world, that is a marketing director’s dream! In the non-profit segment of business, fundraisers are resentful of the extreme amount of free exposure. This is a common issue to address within the church setting in terms of giving. The solution lies in the giving talk in church announcements.

How do you give the giving talk in church announcements? How is it possible to inspire giving as you speak to your congregation?The reason is that fundraising is hard work, very costly, and it is often unpleasant, yet every non-profit organization needs a robust revenue stream in order to survive. In church, many pastors find it difficult to talk about money, for fear of looking or sounding greedy with a pernicious motivation. But when placed in proper perspective, the setting for charitable giving in church makes it honorable and commendable. The window of time in a church service that is dedicated to giving should be conducted with enthusiasm. This is because it is almost universally expected to occur, is for a worthy cause, and is pleasing to God.

So there is no reason to shy away from that window of time in your services. You can approach it with confidence, especially when you can actually show the positive results of generosity. This will reach more people, increase donations to foreign missions, and much more.

In this video:

We share ten practical ideas regarding the giving talk in church announcements. Your church can accomplish more when people feel moved to respond to the Holy Spirit’s leading as you address giving.

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