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Best Practices for Church Giving to Increase

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If you are a pastor, you have a calling that you did not create. You are responding to a request for divine commitment that God has placed in your heart. When you were young, it may have been easy to confuse your divine calling with your personal ambitions and dreams.

Now, the assurance that God has given you causes you to envision great and mighty Spirit-led things born out of your divine calling. Your vocational dreams and ambitions are generally aligned with your calling to reach people for Christ. One of your thoughts may frequently be, “Just imagine what would happen if we could grow our volunteer base and substantially increase the level of generosity in our church.” This is why we want to outline the best practices for church giving.

God has placed these desires in your heart just as certainly as He has placed the divine call to vocational ministry there as well. Also, just as you are certain that God has a plan for your ministry, let us remind you that He has a biblically based plan to increase generosity in your church. You should be leading the way in creating a culture of giving among the people that God has given you to lead.

In this series, we discuss how creating a culture of giving is not manipulative, but it is part of God’s plan for your church. Creating a culture of giving calls you to make generosity a core value in your own life and ministry. Many pastors are not emphasizing generosity as a central tenet of a Christ-like faith. Instead, they may preach that tithing is mandatory and disobedience is paramount to “robbing God.”

In this video:

We share eleven things to help you create a culture of giving. When we create a culture of giving, we are presenting generosity as a measure of our trust in God, but also as a means to a satisfied heart. In doing so, you will be establishing a new mentality, an ideology of generosity which brings new attitudes toward giving. Imagine the new possibilities as you utilize these best practices for church giving!

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