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How to Increase Recurring Church Giving

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As you know, giving is a vital component that contributes to the functionality of the church. Obviously, your church cannot operate without the necessary funds to sustain basic necessities such as water and light. In addition, giving also allows for the church to constantly improve its resources. Beyond this, giving creates the opportunity for unique ministry opportunities such as global missions to arise. Ultimately, giving is the aspect of ministry that involves staying faithful with finances so that God can do amazing things! This is why we believe that recurring giving is the next step. Recurring giving is the gold standard when it comes to this crucial part of church ministry. The question is: how do you increase recurring church giving?

One of the keys to keep in mind regarding recurring giving is that it is a commitment for people. Since this is a commitment, it is your job to inspire people towards recurring giving. How can you spark enthusiasm about recurring giving in your church? What are the principles that you need to clarify that allow people to understand the significance of their giving? In what way does recurring giving tie into the kingdom mindset of the church? These are the types of questions that we believe are vital to answer and we want to help you. Nobody commits to something they do not fully understand or are not passionate about!

It is also important that you understand the practical systems that you can put into place to initiate recurring giving. These systems involve best practices, resources you can use, and improvements you can make in order to increase recurring church giving.

In this video:

We want to assist you as you increase recurring church giving. Take a look at this video for eleven helpful tips that will challenge you to improve and change the way you think about recurring giving in your church.

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