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First Time Church Giver Follow-Up

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God has a biblically based plan to increase generosity in your church. It is up to you to lead the way in creating a culture of giving.  You never know when a member of your congregation is willing to be a first time church giver. When you create a culture of generosity, people will consider giving to be a matter of the heart. Generosity will be engrained in your church culture. People will gain satisfaction from it, and when it is presented as God-inspired, the process will not seem manipulative.

A culture of giving is established by creating a picture of what can be accomplished for God’s kingdom when people selflessly give of their finances. People will want to give, when you can show that lives are being changed in your city and around the globe by the generosity of your church. This mentality of generosity is contagious, and you will gain new givers on a continual basis. The culture you set can inspire a first time church giver to give continuously.

Financial giving may not be easy to discuss, but it is important to have the courage and invest the effort to respond to those who give for the first time. You may doubt that God can actually change the hearts of skeptical people in your church. Remember that God honors even our weakest of glances toward Him. If you set the example of being generous, you can expect God to begin to provide the increase. With this said, how will you follow up with first time church givers?

In this video:

We discuss what you can do to follow up with a first time church giver. You will be presented with five effective ways to help you communicate with these members of your church. As you set the culture around you, utilize these tips to follow-up with your first time church givers.

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