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Module 4: How to Leverage Momentum in Ministry

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Momentum is a term that is used throughout society within a variety of different contexts. In the church world, it is used very commonly as an indicator of success. While success in ministry and momentum are closely tied, momentum represents an even deeper asset for your ministry. Momentum is the key to unlocking so much more potential for ministry impact than your present reality. Our focus is to help you leverage momentum in ministry.

As you begin your journey with momentum, before jumping the gun, it is important to effectively define what momentum is. One of the key focuses of this series is to allow you to fully understand what momentum is. Furthermore, how it directly pertains to your ministry. Just like with any system or practice, it is imperative for you to understand why and how it works.

In addition to this, we will take some time to dive into the fundamental reasons to embrace momentum in ministry. As you begin to realize the importance of momentum, you will start to feel yourself becoming excited for the future! The realization that momentum is key for your ministry sparks a motivational drive for the Kingdom of God!

Finally, this series will teach you the keys for implementation when it comes to momentum in ministry. After understanding the what and the why, it is time to embrace and learn the how. The reality is, the steps to leverage momentum in ministry are both practical and spiritual. On top of that, making momentum work for your ministry is highly achievable while using these tips and strategies.

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Our goal is to fully equip you with the knowledge you need to successfully leverage momentum in ministry. We will focus on defining what momentum is, how it works, and what you can do to embrace it.

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