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5 Key Indicators of Momentum in Ministry

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Prior to this video, we have discussed the importance of understanding momentum and how it pertains to your ministry. Understanding that momentum plays a pivotal role in your ministry is just the beginning. Now, it is time to start diving into the ins and outs of momentum in ministry. In this video, we will take a look at how to recognize momentum in ministry.

Before understanding the specifics behind obtaining and making the most of momentum, you have to know how to spot it. It is very simple. If you are unaware of what momentum in ministry looks like, you will struggle to leverage it. There are many areas within your ministry that you can look in order to determine is momentum is present. Which areas in ministry should you pay attention to in terms of momentum? How can you spot momentum in each of these areas? We want to help you answer these questions. Here, we walk through each of these areas and explain why they are important to analyze.

In addition to this, we want you to understand what to do when you do recognize that momentum is present. We believe that understanding how to recognize momentum in ministry delivers encouragement and helpful insight for the future of your ministry. So, the question is, what are the indicators of momentum in ministry? How can you spot them in different areas of ministry? We want to equip you with strong answers to these questions and empower you to recognize momentum as it occurs.

In this video:

Our goal is to resource you with the insight that is necessary so that you understand how to recognize momentum in ministry. We will walk you through 5 key indicators of momentum in ministry. Furthermore, we will teach you how they apply to you and your ministry.

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