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7 Ways to Create Momentum in Ministry

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After realizing the importance of identifying momentum, and its significant role in ministry, it is time to obtain it. Understanding a concept is one thing, but taking the necessary action is another. The reality is, in order to obtain momentum for your ministry, action is required from you and your team. We know that creating momentum in ministry can be a difficult task. This is why we have devoted this video to making it easier for you.

As church leaders, we have all been in the situation where momentum is needed. Think of the last time you were discouraged by a decrease in attendance or lack of response to an event. These types of occurrences can often send pastors spiraling as they wonder if the congregation is connecting on a spiritual level or not. It is during these times when pastors tend to realize that momentum is needed. So, when this happens to you, how can you begin creating momentum in ministry?

The reality is, creating momentum in ministry is a systematic process that is attainable for every church. Through a series of steps that contain both spiritual and practical guidelines, you can achieve momentum for your church. All of this leads to the question: “what are the steps to create momentum in ministry?” Furthermore, why do these steps work and how do they apply to your church? Here, our goal is to answer all of these questions for you as you seek to create momentum in ministry.

In this video:

We aim to equip you with the knowledge and insight necessary to effectively begin creating momentum in ministry. Like we said before, creating momentum is no easy task. Action is required on your part and you must be strategic. This video will provide you with 7 ways to create momentum in ministry.

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