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How to Think About Momentum in Ministry Effectively

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As humans, we often get caught up in our own thoughts. It can be very easy to worry about things that are overexaggerated or even nonexistent. On the other hand, it can be tempting to become overexcited with things that we probably should not be. Our thought life carries many nuances and examples of imperfection. In ministry, this reality rings just as true, with the added weight of the mission that you are on. We believe that your thoughts can make or break you in terms of momentum. Understanding this, we want to help you recognize how to think about momentum in ministry.

The first step toward your pursuit in thinking about momentum effectively is to realize that you may need to change your thinking. There are many traps that pastors can fall into with their thoughts that hinder their ability to leverage momentum. The more you think about something a certain way, the harder it is to change your though patterns. With that said, what are the things that you may need to shift your thinking on in terms of momentum? Why is it important to change your thinking on these topics? Here, we answer these questions to equip you for maximum leverage.

Secondly, once you understand your mindsets and what needs to change, you must determine how to change. Like we said, changing a mindset can be very difficult, especially when you have been thinking a certain way for a while. So, what can you do specifically to begin changing your mindset? Is there a strategic approach to this? The answer is yes, and we want to help you implement it.

In this video:

We begin by sharing five things for you to think about differently in terms of momentum. Next, we unpack three practical thoughts on changing your mindset. Understanding how to think about momentum in ministry is crucial.

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