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How to Regain Momentum in Ministry

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When it comes to momentum in ministry, it can seem like there is a trend of ebbs and flows. Sometimes it can even seem completely random as far as when a church is gaining or losing momentum. While some factors are uncontrollable, there are also recognizable signs of decreasing momentum. Furthermore, when momentum is decreasing, naturally, pastors want to regain it. The good news is that regaining momentum in ministry is possible and practical.

When it comes to the discussion on regaining momentum in ministry, it is implied that momentum has been lost. The first step toward regaining momentum and preventing the loss of it, is to recognize how momentum decreases. This approach allows you to attack the problem at its source. With this reality, it is often difficult to understand what causes momentum to decrease. So, how does momentum decrease in ministry? How can you spot the trend of decreasing momentum early enough to do something about it? We want to help you answer these questions.

After realizing the cause of decreasing momentum, the obvious next step is to move toward regaining it. The actual process of regaining momentum can be daunting. It can often seem like momentum is such an uncontrollable factor. You can even begin to convince yourself that the idea of regaining momentum seems hopeless. Afterall, you cannot force people to be on board with your church. Even though that all seems to be true, the good news is that there is hope for regaining momentum. You are not powerless. Regaining momentum in ministry is systematic and it requires intentionality. We are here to teach you the steps to do so.

In this video:

Our goal is to help you understand what causes momentum to decrease in ministry, as well as how you can regain it. Follow the steps and practical advice provided in this video to boost your momentum!

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