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How Vision and Momentum are Connected in Ministry

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Here at Leaders.Church, a key topic that is discussed quite often is vision. The importance of vision is found sprinkled within a vast number of the resources we provide. The reason for this is that we believe that vision plays a vital role in church ministry. What does this have to do with momentum in ministry? Everything. The fact of the matter is, vision and momentum in ministry go hand in hand. Here, we are discussing how you can utilize vision in order to propel you toward momentum.

As you assess your personal strengths and weaknesses as a pastor, your ability to understand and implement vision is key. Maybe you are the type of pastor who has no issue being a visionary leader. For you, you have fresh vision during meetings, while thinking at home, or even shopping for groceries! On the other hand, you may be the type of pastor who struggles with vision. It is important to know where you are on the vision continuum so that you can leverage vision for momentum. Why is this important? How does vision play into momentum in church ministry?

It all comes down to a simple principle. When you correctly implement healthy vision for your church, momentum follows. Vision is important for a wide variety of reasons, but within the context of momentum, you can view it as a tool to launch you forward. How can pastors leverage vision in a way that propels them toward momentum? What practical strategies help achieve this goal? Here, we aim to answer these questions for you as you seek to create momentum for your church.

In this video:

We provide you with three ways for you to leverage vision to create momentum. There is a vital connection between vision and momentum in ministry. Here, you will learn to use that connection to propel your ministry to new heights.

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