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5 Reasons Why Momentum is Important for Ministry

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So far, in this series on leveraging momentum, we have discussed what momentum is and how it works. Understanding how momentum works is the first step, but now we need to look through the lens of ministry. In doing so, it is appropriate to begin with the “why” behind it all. Why should you, the church leader, focus on leveraging momentum? What is there to gain? Here, we are explaining why momentum is important for ministry.

Now, it is common to think that momentum is not spiritual enough to be an important factor for your church. With that said, we believe the contrary. We believe that God, in His faithfulness, provides seasons of momentum for churches. Momentum is a very powerful thing that your church should take full advantage of. When God provides it, we want you to leverage it!

At this point, you may be asking, “how does momentum pertain directly to ministry?” Or perhaps you are wondering, “if God is the one who supplies momentum, what can we do about it?” This is what we aim to answer within this video. We want to teach why leveraging the momentum God gives you is absolutely crucial.

The reality is, momentum affects every aspect of your ministry. It affects each and every team, your church attendance, your volunteers, and your congregation. As church leaders, praying for God’s hand to be on our churches is vital. Furthermore, we cannot neglect our obligation to respond actively when God comes through faithfully. When God gives us momentum, we must leverage it.

In this video:

We are taking some time to discuss five key reasons why momentum is important for ministry. Each of these reasons will allow you to deepen your knowledge of what momentum can do for your ministry. Momentum is extremely important for your ministry. Here, we explain why.

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