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How to Maintain Momentum in Ministry

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In this final addition to the series on leveraging momentum, we are focusing on maintaining the momentum that you experience. Think of a scenario in which your momentum has absolutely skyrocketed. While this is a fantastic place to be in, it is also a dangerous place. It is not dangerous because of the favor and momentum God has given you, rather it is dangerous because of how pastors often react to the success. Here, we are discussing what happens when you get too comfortable and how it pertains to maintaining momentum in ministry.

Before you begin to understand and implement the strategic steps to maintaining momentum, you must know that your actions are pivotal after experiencing momentum. Why is this true? This is true because when momentum is experienced, it can dangerously set an unrealistic standard. It often causes people to become comfortable with the reality of the success. How can you combat this dangerous level of comfort? What are the effects of it? That is what we want to help you with.

Once you understand that experiencing momentum is not the end of your efforts, you must take effective steps. When you experience momentum, you have to foster it well so that it continues. The pastor’s job is not to quit at the first sign of success while they are ahead! You have to keep working to maintain momentum. So, what are the specific steps to take in order to do so? How can pastors embrace and celebrate momentum in ministry, while planning for future momentum?

In this video:

We are striving to equip you to the point where your momentum carries on. Follow these strategic steps and do not let your momentum falter. Instead, you can be encouraged as you strategically begin maintaining momentum in ministry, rather than just creating it initially.

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