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Understanding the Role of Momentum in Ministry

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Momentum is a topic that is casually discussed all throughout modern-day society. Perhaps someone has told you to “get into the swing of things,” implying that you need some momentum. Maybe you have heard the phrase, “I need to build up some momentum” in order to complete a certain task. Furthermore, momentum is used within the context of complex scientific principles. The fact is, momentum plays a critical role in life and ministry. With this in mind, understanding momentum in ministry is key.

We know that momentum is largely discussed within certain parts of society, but how does it pertain to ministry? Is momentum more than just a fancy word used to describe a positive trend? The reality is, momentum plays a huge role in ministry and it saves church leaders a lot of headaches. Before diving into the various nuances and practices pertaining to momentum, it is important to obtain an in-depth understanding of what momentum is. More specifically, we will look at momentum in terms of ministry.

Understanding momentum in ministry allows you to begin to pinpoint new potential improvements and benefits for your ministry. Momentum directly effects your congregation, your personal pastoral leadership, and every leader in the church. It exists to fuel and propel your ministry to new heights. When you properly understand the role of momentum in the context of your church, your leadership will greatly improve. So, where does this bring us? What is momentum and how does it pertain to the church? How can momentum work for you and your church? What are the benefits to utilizing momentum effectively?

In this video:

We explore the answers to all of these questions and more. By the end of this video, you will have received eight key observations regarding momentum in ministry. Understanding momentum is the first step!

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