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Module 3: Building a Healthy Ministry Team

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Over the course of your ministry involvement, you have most certainly realized that you cannot do ministry alone. Depending on your situation, there are certain scenarios where you may feel isolated in your tasks. When this is the case, it is imperative that you can rely on a healthy, sustainable ministry team. Building a healthy ministry team is a fundamental part of ministry, but how can you do so effectively?

As you begin to think about your current situation as it pertains to team building, stress often follows. This could be true for multiple reasons. Perhaps you are in a position in which your team is struggling or lacking unity. Maybe you are faced with the realization that your team is relatively non-existent. On the other hand, perhaps you find yourself proud of your team and satisfied with its competency. Regardless of where your team is at, team building in ministry is always crucial.

After walking through the reasoning and logic behind effective team building, we will unpack the various strategies, procedures and tips for you to follow for a healthy ministry team. This can be a daunting task if you are not properly resourced and equipped with knowledge. The good news is that you are a series of healthy decisions away from an incredible team. We are here to help guide you through those decisions.

In this series:

We have you in mind. So, whether your team is incredible, you’re lacking a dream team, or you’re simply lacking a team, this series is for you. As you take a look at this series, you will begin to discover many integral facets of team building. These facets are accompanied with practical leadership guidance as we dive into each of them individually. Building a healthy ministry team is attainable for you!

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