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Revamping Your Ministry Team

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Here at Leaders.Church, we talk a lot about change in ministry and how to deal with it effectively. With the reality of change, it is important to realize that what used to work, may not anymore. Perhaps you have experienced this truth with a youth event that began to become irrelevant over time. Maybe your kids curriculum has expired to the point in which it is outdated material.

When this occurs, it is time to revamp. With this in mind, it is important to understand that your teams can often experience this principle too. Maybe your team’s strategies simply do not work any longer. Or perhaps the members on your team are not functioning to full capacity like they used to. Whatever the case, there will come a time when revamping your ministry team is necessary.

So, what do you do when you find yourself in a place in which revamping your ministry team is necessary? How can you successfully navigate a season of revamping your team effectively? You see, the way you attempt to revamp your team must come with a significant amount of intentionality. Without careful thought, you may rock the boat and stir up unnecessary conflict.

Furthermore, there will be times as you are revamping your ministry team that will be awkward. Perhaps you have come to a point in which you know a certain team member is not healthy for the team. How can you lead through this change in a way that honors all parties, while making the right decision? Revamping your ministry team can be tough, but it is absolutely necessary for successful church ministry.

In this video:

We reveal six key tips on revamping your ministry team. These tips will allow you to gain wisdom and insight as to how to revamp your team for effectiveness.

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