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Taking Care of Your Ministry Team

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In ministry, it can be so easy to be caught up in the weekly tasks and responsibilities. When this happens, all of a sudden, the primary focus becomes productivity. While we must have a sense of urgency and intentionality set for our ministry, this is not the sole concern. In addition to productivity and ensuring that things get done, there is an element of pastoral care that must take place within the confines of your ministry team. Here, we are discussing the matter of taking care of your ministry team.

The reality is, you can have an incredible ministry team, but you still have to take care of them. Without the proper care, a great ministry team can begin to see many issues. This is why it is the pastor or team leader’s role to ensure that this care is taking place. It is important that your team feels cared for. Furthermore, a lack of care opens the door for ineffectiveness, or even chaos.

Your team is in position to remain on the frontlines of ministry. With this responsibility, comes an extra level of vulnerability and potential for difficulty. Your team needs someone who is willing to coach them and stick by their side. Part of building and maintaining a healthy ministry team is to pay attention to the personal health of each member.

What does this type of care look like? How should you intentionally put systems into practice to uphold a level of care? What are the specific strategies that a leader can take in order to show this care? These are the types of questions that we want you to feel confident with as we teach on this subject.

In this video:

We will unpack five key tips on taking care of your ministry team. These tips will show you what it means to care for your team. In addition, they will teach you how to effectively do so.

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