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Urgency of Building Your Ministry Team

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One of the crucial facets of building a healthy, sustainable church is found within the team it relies on. While this may seem like an obvious statement, it is important to address the urgency of building your ministry team. Your team is going to allow you to move away from the starting point. With this in mind, why is it important to prioritize your team building? What positive effects will this have on the pastor? What negative effects will it have if you neglect it?

The truth is, there are churches out there that do not have an effective, cohesive team. Along with this, there are churches who have no team at all! This reality causes churches to struggle under one or very few people who are neglecting the gifts of the church body that could be used within leadership. You may be in a position that currently prevents you from hiring a paid staff member. This is okay! Your team must consist of people who are simply willing to help. With that said, what does this look like for your church? Why is the urgency of team building crucial for your church?

To answer all of these looming questions, we have devoted this video to address this urgency. We want you to begin thinking about how building your ministry team would take you to the next level. Another thing to note is that this is not simply a video for the lead pastor of a church! Each integral church leader should benefit from understanding why ministry teams are important. The reality each area of ministry is most likely going to require its own team. Multiple team builders are going to be necessary for your church!

In this video:

We unpack the urgency of building your ministry team. This is a concept that must be taken seriously by every church leader. Church represents the people and the gifts that God has given each of them. You cannot do church ministry alone!

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