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Traits of a Ministry Dream Team

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Now that we have discussed the urgency of team building in ministry, we must unpack the process. You know that you need a team surrounding you in ministry, but how do you build one? One of the primary focuses in this effort should be to identify what makes a ministry dream team. Once you are able to do this, we can continue the discussion on team building strategies. Here, we want to assist you in identifying the traits of a ministry dream team.

The traits that are outlined within this video are crucial for your team to possess for success. Many pastors and leaders are great at recruiting people and getting people to commit. The issue does not reside in the amount of people you have, rather the traits they possess. Unhealthy leaders do not create a ministry dream team. Your job is not to fill the gap, but to fill the missing traits of a quality team. So, what are the traits that make a ministry dream team?

As we unpack the various traits that make up a great ministry team, we want to identify your role. Each of these traits are attainable for your team if you embrace them as a leader. As you recruit and train your team members, be looking for these traits. As well, seek to provide an atmosphere of improvement and direction as you attempt to build your team. How can you ensure that you are creating an atmosphere that is conducive to these traits? How can you identify these traits in certain leaders?

In this video:

We want to unpack the various nuances of each of the traits of a great ministry team. Not only will we unpack what makes a ministry dream team, but how you can achieve it. Use this video to help you move towards a ministry dream team through identifiable traits.

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