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Keys to Successful Ministry Team Meetings

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Have you ever sat in on a meeting that just went very poorly? As you reminisce on some bad meeting experiences, ask yourself whether or not that meeting was productive. As you seek to develop a ministry dream team, effective meetings are absolutely vital. The sad truth is that when meetings go wrong, it is usually caused by a lack of direction or purpose. When your meeting is not directed with intentionality, there is room for dysfunctionality. When dysfunctional ministry meetings occur, there is not much room for growth. It is important to approach your meetings with care. Here, we unpack successful ministry team meetings.

The good news about team meetings is that you have control as to where they go. What this means, is that you can dictate the level of effectiveness of a meeting with proper planning an execution. Can you control the thoughts and actions of others? No, you cannot. What you can do is ensure that the meeting is on track, topical, and fruitful in its purpose. There are certain steps you can take to place value and intentionality on your meeting.

With this said, what steps can you take to create an atmosphere where effective meetings occur? Furthermore, what does an effective meeting look like? Once you begin to develop a consistent strategy and plan, you will experience fruitful ministry meetings. This plan will take some analysis on your part, with the guidance of this video. Ultimately, this consistent plan of execution will allow your meetings to remain effective, resulting in planning and debriefing that assists the church rather than hinders it.

In this video:

Our goal is to ensure that you feel confident in your ability to lead successful ministry team meetings. This is done through a collection of eight key thoughts on ministry team meetings provided in this video.

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