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Onboarding New Team Members in Ministry

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Realizing potential in people as possible recruits is the first step, but what is next? How can you take someone from an A plus potential to an A plus reality? After all, the idea that someone is inherently perfect without any kind of training is naïve and unrealistic. Your new recruits are going to need to adapt to their new role. This is where onboarding ministry team members effectively comes into play.

A common issue that churches face is that they will recruit masses of people but neglect the onboarding process. This can be a tempting endeavor when you are facing many positions to fill and a short amount of time. While this is appealing, it will create an unhealthy team for your ministry. When you recruit simply to fill a position, you are missing the mark. Any organization can fill positions, but church ministry requires an extra dedication and intentionality.

The onboarding process is where the fruit of your hard work while recruiting pays off. This is your opportunity to ensure that your team functions effectively! While this is an exciting process, it is another one that requires much intentionality. Consider a time when you felt like you were given a task beyond your capability. Even simpler, think of the last time a tasked stressed you out. This is not what you want your new team members to feel. So, how can you prevent new team members from feeling out of the loop? What can you do to ensure that your new team members understand the vision and functionality of the team?

In this video:

We take some time to talk about your onboarding process when it comes to new ministry team members. Onboarding ministry team members can be tricky, but these four thoughts will encourage and assist you.

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