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Where to Start when You Lack a Ministry Dream Team

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Much like a scout for your favorite sports team, church leaders must embrace an analytical process for team development. When a scout looks at the needs and wants of a team, they understand how to look for players. As a church leader, you must understand the analytical approach to take when you lack a ministry dream team. This approach will allow you to identify areas in need of a team, as well as how to build that team effectively.

So, the looming question is, if you do not have a team, where do you start? Where can you begin identifying roles to fill in your church? What roles need to be filled in the first place? The questions surrounding team building are endless, however, the solution is simple. As you watch this video and gain answers to these questions, you will begin to have clarity on where to start.

Furthermore, understanding the various needs for your team is the first step, but where can you go from there? How can those roles be filled? Especially when you know you may not be able to pay each team member. The reality is, once you understand the analytical approach to team building by assessing your church’s situation, your team building efforts will lift you, rather than stress you out. Team building should be a process that assists you in effective ministry, rather than one that weighs you down. When you lack a ministry dream team, it is not time to give up!

In this video:

We unpack the ins and outs of your analytical approach to solving the issue of team building. We want you to have a team that lifts you in your efforts to glorify God with your ministry. Doing church ministry alone is a very stressful process. It is time to begin team building!

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