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9 Traits of a Great Pastor

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Each and every one of us has had role models. Perhaps you grew up watching Michael Jordan masterfully perform with the Chicago Bulls while you dreamed of becoming as dominant as him one day. Or maybe you looked up to the local neighborhood police officer, putting his life on the line so that you could be safe every day. In the context of ministry, this concept is anything but foreign. There is a great chance that you have a list of pastors and church leaders, that you may or may not have met, that inspire you to do what you do. Regardless of who your role models are, within the context of ministry, it begs the question: what are the traits of a pastor that result in greatness?

When you begin to unpack the traits of a pastor it is important to realize that each of these characteristics is achievable with some time and effort. So, what makes a great ministry leader? What are the characteristics that the greatest ministry leaders possess. Beyond that, how are these traits achievable to each and every leader? As you look towards each of the traits that we outline in this series, you can begin to utilize this resource in way that will allow you to grow into the leader that you wish to become.

Achieving greatness, especially in your leadership, will require a lot of trial and error, time, and effort, but when you follow the tips and tricks within this series, you will take your leadership to new heights. We want to equip you and teach you how to embrace nine key attributes that we believe tap into the vital traits of a pastor.

In this series:

You will gain practical and spiritual insight as to how to attain each of these characteristics. It is time to take your leadership to the level of greatness.

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